Noah has been my cello teacher for the past few years. In addition to being a wonderful teacher he is a caring, patient, soulful person who values and imparts the "song" of the cello. He is awesome.

Jane G.

Noah has been my cello teacher for some eight years now and I couldn't be happier with his quality of teaching, his deep experience, and his extraordinarily warm style. I look forward to each and every lesson with Noah and regularly wish I could find the time and resources to double or triple my time with him. It's particularly exciting to be working with someone who is not only classically trained, but also exploring the boundaries of cello in the rock genres. Noah is the real deal!

Adrian S.

I began taking lessons with Noah in person, when we both lived in Manhattan. I loved that he not only has serious classical chops and an impressive pedigree, but that he was working on composing and arranging for cello in new ways. He helped me develop my musicianship tenfold. A couple years later, he moved to Brooklyn and I moved to the suburbs, which made in-person lessons difficult. Not willing to give up, we began doing lessons over Skype or FaceTime, and it's almost as good as being in the same room. He is able to hear/see/comment on even small technical issues with my playing that need refinement, and his warm, encouraging, friendly manner easily makes the jump from IRL to online. And bonus: it’s one less shoulder-ache, since you don’t have to drag your cello anywhere. I would enthusiastically recommend online cello lessons with Noah! He rocks!

—Rachelle M.

Noah is one of the most talented and versatile cellists I know of. It just so happens that he's also great to work with, can record remotely like a champ, and is a truly wonderful person. I've worked with many cellists as a film composer and as a owner of a music house, and Noah is my go-to!

Bryan Senti, film composer. Los Angeles, CA

I had Noah record some cello parts for me, he was prompt and professional, also addressing any notes I had immediately. Beautiful tone and well engineered. Will definitely be calling him again for future productions.

Oumi Kapilla, Guitarist for Filter. Los Angeles, CA

Noah recorded two cello tracks for me and the result was amazing: vivid, emotional and precise. I absolutely love to work with him, especially because of his unique ability to deeply sense musical ideas. He listens carefully, understands the images I use to describe the vision for my song with only few words and delivers a perfect result!

Maria Goja, Singer songwriter. Berlin, Germany


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