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It's been a challenging period for the world. I hope you are all thriving despite the challenges and taking time to nurture yourselves. It's a delicate balance- doing good in the world and for others, while taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we get to do both. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to play music in some environments specifically for the nurturance of the soul. I find that I'm most fulfilled in this capacity and that I'm nurtured in being there too!

I was blessed recently to be a part of the 15th album of Krishna Das, who melds western sensibilities with Kirtan, the Indian singing of mantras.  My role in the album began abruptly as I arrived at the studio and KD said "come in and try this"- a song I'd never heard before. As cameras and tape rolled, we recorded the duet which opens the album. 'Trust in the Heart' is now available on his site, on iTunes, etc.

We'll be playing live in NYC on November 11 and doing a workshop on chanting on November 12. Tickets for both events are here.

I'm also excited to announce that my brother Jeremy and I are completing an album of our own. Mantra Brothers is our name. The album is a collection we co-wrote, setting Sanskrit mantras over a background of African percussion, cello, and Jeremy's gorgeous saxophone playing. Stay posted for further updates on the upcoming release.

Stay well