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My name is Noah Hoffeld and I love teaching cello. A graduate of The Juilliard School, I've been teaching for over a decade, including over 5 years as the cello teacher at New York City's prestigious Dalton School. A recent student was accepted at The Juilliard School Pre-College. I teach adults and kids from middle school up. Young beginners and older, more experienced cellists. Adult beginners or adults picking up the cello again after a hiatus are also welcome.

Skype lessons are very effective and offer greater scheduling flexibility and convenience. Over the internet, we're able to share the experience of a private music lesson, without you ever leaving your home. I can see and hear how you're doing and make comments and suggestions to help you along. And I use a professional audio system on my end so you can clearly hear all the details of my cello demonstrations for you.

I'm a performer, composer and devoted teacher who teaches from a place of kindness and supportiveness. I believe that each student has a unique gift waiting to emerge. And through proper care and coaching we can make that happen. I believe in a natural approach to the instrument that limits stress and tension and encourages joy.

I enjoy students who really care about the cello, and are willing to work to achieve goals, but who may or may not want to make it a career. Sound like you? Then we're a good match. Send an email here and we'll get started on your cello journey. An hour lesson is $85, a half hour (generally for a young beginner) is $50.